Saturday, June 9, 2012

this weekend.

saturday night. 

cup of green tea. 


shades of gray. by carolyn reeder.

my idea of a perfect weekend night. 

yes! i would like to see how a bar looks like. i would like to have beer on tap and dance till my feet hurt. until i would have to remove my shoes and sit down for a moment to catch my breath. but, the thing is i have never been to a discotheque let alone a bar. 

and, the only beer i have ever tasted is a canned non-alcoholic beer. 

but, i love weekends where i could be all alone. sitting by the apartment window where i could see the city moving constantly. it does not slow. and, yet it does not stop. 

i am reading shades of gray. a book on american civil war. 

i sip through cups and cups of green tea. my clear drink. it clears my head, makes me see the present, and all the abundance in it. and, as the sun enters my apartment, slow and golden, it reflects on every wall. 

my own landscape. in the middle of the city. 

this coming week is going to be full of events.

1. this 13th will be my last day at work.
2. i will be taking an entrance exam on 12th.
3. i need to go to the library.
4. i have to submit my application form.
5. i have to start with my yoga routine.
6. need to go for morning walks. 
7. write a review for 'the rope walk'.
8. study. study. study.

so, all i have is this weekend. 

to breathe. to rest. to live. 

next week, all this peace will be forgotten. there won't be any time to imagine and for dreaming. 

so here's to this weekend. 

have a great day everyone. 


  1. Good luck to the exam. I know you prepared hard for it. Cheers to your success!!!