Rathi R

Co-founder, ODG.

She is a rebel caged in a soap bubble. She will storm out of a business meeting if values are thrown off the table. She can drink green tea all day and survive on fruits. If books were a guy, she would have married them, and lived happily ever after. 

She also writes at What Can I Say!.

R. Nithya

Co-founder, ODG.

She is the sweet sunshine girl who would chuckle at the littlest of jokes. She is the girl who cries watching the silliest of Bollywood movies. She can plan your biggest surprises, hug you for no reason at all, and write like Johnny Depp is on fire!

Corinne Cunningham

Author, ODG.

She is the person who reminds you of the sunshine peeking through the bedroom window; of the gushing waves when they first hit the rocks; of how a day at the sea changes solitude into giggles; how yarns of wool turn into colorful winters; how laundry becomes poetic; the rustling curtains at the first summer breeze. She is the mother to the most amazing, fantastic kids- Fynn and Paige. 

She writes at Weaving in the Ends

Roselle David (Sey)

Author, ODG.

She is the sweet, warm person who radiates an aura of kindness. She is a brave-heart of the sorts; could make anyone feel welcome; loves photography and traveling. She envisages a place- a perfect place, where people live together, happily ever after style, and you just want to see that place with her. She believes that happiness is a choice, one which is worth the try.  
She writes at 14th Street.

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