Friday, June 15, 2012



Bring back the  flip flops, the lawn sprinklers, the green leaves, and the fiery blossoms. 

Bring back the scents of the sea, the little whispers of the summer breeze, and the long evenings. 

There is the sudden change in the weather, the sudden drizzles, the welcoming evenings, and the endless sunlight. I think I like summers. 

My soul sets out seeking freedom in the summers. I can see more than just my fingers and feet... I can drink more water, spend more time in the shower, more of everything that winters had prohibited me to do. Cotton shirts and shorts. Hair tied up. Water melon juice trickling greedily from your mouth. Romanticism of the upcoming monsoons. 

I love freedom from the layers of warm clothes. I love the remnants of the deodorant that escapes into the air when you raise your arms. I love the luke warm water that needs no heating, the trees in full bloom, the bliss of the power coming back, and the sweet, melodious, whirring of the ceiling fan. I love the ringing melody of the ice cream truck. And, i love how everyone around knows in their heart that the first topic they will discuss is the heat. 

Then, there is the sea- mocking in its distance, alluring like a beautiful woman, challenging with all its might. Sun. Sand. Sea.

Summers are probably like your best friends. Giggling at the littlest of jokes that no one else understands, pretending to be cool when everyone else is running along the same lines, working hard to let your dreams live.  

You want it more because it brings more. 

What do you love about summers?


  1. Oh, summer.

    I have always felt I was made for summer.

    The brown skin, the glow of sweat, the barefeet with pedicured toenails.

    So wonderful, isn't it?

    1. Ah! yes the brown skin and the barefeet with pedicured toenails. They are wonderful...

  2. I want to do this before I die: Go to a place where summers are pleasant. :)