About ODG

Started by two sisters in their twenties, 'Oh! Dear Giggles' is the place where they can be something more than what they are. It is a place where they write about things that mean to them, the lessons that they learn, and everything that the twenties is known for. 

'Oh! Dear Giggles' is the beginning of a new journey in their lives. A journey where there would always be time for giggles. Why ' Oh! Dear Giggles '?

Because, it is a good phrase!

Because it is as bright as the sun coming out of the clouds and as refreshing as the smell of rain.

Because 'Oh! Dear Giggles ' is the smile you have when you see the rain hitting your window pane; the secret happy-dance you do when you know you are getting a promotion at work; the deep-seated, calm pride you feel when you have spoken up for what you believe in; the nervous smile you pass when someone compliments you; the little revolutions you bring in your life; the humour you become when you trip over your new pair of heels; the funny side of a story; the sad story of a story; the irony in a story; the lessons in a story.

Oh! Dear Giggles’ is about sweaty rides in the city buses; it is about the morning news you come across about injustice happening somewhere in the world, something that you cannot take your mind off so you choose to do something about it.

Oh! Dear Giggles’ is about surviving mean people; reaching out to those affected by natural and human-created disasters; freshly painted fingernails and friendships; the things that make you happy; being aware of what one can do to make the world a better place; literacy rates and environment; beauty and self-esteem; nations and borders; breaking prejudices and building values; families and neighborhood; unheard voices and beliefs; relationships and disappointments; dissent and change; anything that connects all humans together no matter which side of the world they live in. 

Oh! Dear Giggles’ is about creating empathy even when everybody seems to be caught up in their own world. 

So why ‘Oh! Dear Giggles’? Because it is a good phrase!

We are starting now and we don't know where we are heading but we know this is a good place. A good start.

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  1. And giggle is what I do when simple things make me happy. And giggles will turn to laughter.