Friday, June 22, 2012

Letter to My Future Daughter- YOLO & Other Things

Hi baby,

The past couple of days have been plain tired. 

But, I feel so much better tonight. I am starting with my 18th book for this year. I just had my cup of green tea. It is helping me to cope better. I have a calmer head today. I went to the library. I meditated. They helped me, these things. 

I guess, my life is composed of such moments. 

Such as having an ice cream at the least expected hour. 

Singing without hesitations. 

Sending wishes to people. 

And, just being. 


I like this moment, when I have epiphanies hitting me like the first falling snow. It is like the little droplets of rain, which brush against your skin without hurting you, without offending you, just letting you know of their presence. 

It is like reading a good book- where you cry when your heroine cries, or laugh your heart out when something funny happens. It is like getting lost in a few words and reading them over and over and memorizing them because you know that those few words have changed your world already. 

Now, as this night ends and I know that I have knowingly shut myself from everyone, I feel like I am at peace. I am out of expectations, out of wants, and out of wanting to impress upon anyone. I am just me tonight. 

It is alright that I have tied my hair in a bun, crossing my legs, and writing everything that comes to my mind.  It is alright that I don't have to put on makeup, or my best clothes. I wear my most comfortable dresses, a pair of shorts, and my glasses. It is so much easy like this.  

I wish we brought ourselves to this kind of a moment whenever we wanted it. 

As we grow up, we lose so much. Trust me. It is a treasure if you can muster your courage to be silly even when you are twenty. I wish you never ever lose your inner kid. I hope that you can still enjoy jumping into a puddle when you see one. I hope you still like ice lollies when you are eighteen. I hope you still love to sing at the top of your voice even if they say you don't have a singing voice. I hope you can still snuggle in your bed in your pajamas, tousled hair, and yet enjoy yourself in every single moment you create. 

In the end, it is your life... your only chance to claim it, live it fully, love it fully...... (YOLO- as they call it these days)

Just be yourself.

Just that. 


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  1. oh yes... courage to be silly... that line alone has my heart.